Why are there so many hills?


Because Waldoboro is a town built on hills. It’s kind of what we do. You get used to it.

Can I run with my dog?

We love dogs! But, no. Sorry. Safety concerns and all that. 

What about my stroller?

Yeah, that's not a good idea.  

Will you have whoopie pies again this year?


Do I have to run? What if I want to walk? Is that a thing?


That’s totally a thing. You can absolutely walk the course if you want. It’s a lovely walk. You won't be the only person walking.  

I like this team competition thing, but I don't like any of my co-workers...

That’s fine. We've all been there. Recruit whoever you want. Come up with a team name. Try to avoid anything inappropriate. And please don't push any of your co-workers into the river. 

If my team all has matching shirts, do we win anything? 


I own a business and I would like to sponsor this race. Is that possible?

Yes! Email our race director: lmcnelly@gmail.com

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