December 17th. 3pm.

Help us prepare for Santa with a 5K through the streets of Waldoboro.
(The Pats play at 4:30)
Frequently Asked Questions
What if it snows? 
In Waldoboro, we run in the snow. 
No, really. What if it snows a lot?  ​
In Waldoboro, we run in the snow. 
Will there be prizes? ​
Yup. Stay tuned!
Can I dress up in a ridiculous costume?  
Sure. We encourage it. There will even be a prize for the best costume. 
Can I dress up in a Hanukkah theme?  ​
Go for it.
What time does Santa get there?  ​
6pm. Local businesses will be open in the village with hot drinks and cookies and other fun stuff. Or you could go to the Narrows Tavern and watch the Patriots play.
What if I just want to walk?  ​
Walkers are absolutely welcome. The more the merrier! Just keep in mind that sunset on the 17th will be 4:01pm, because winter is the worst.
What happens if I cheat?  ​
Two words: naughty list.  
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